Small businesses can be expensive! Especially when you’re just getting started. One of the best ways to cut cost is to opt for cheap printing. This can be in house with printer cartridge refills or outsource to cheap sources like

Printer cartridges were not cheap years ago and the price is only going in one direction – up! The continual rise in the price of petroleum is just one of the reasons this is occurring. One of the main ingredients in plastics is petroleum with many by-products used in common, everyday items. Nevertheless, there are methods you can employ to control the cost of your printer cartridges. Some of them are creative and you’ll need to find the saving methods that appeal to you. The focus of this report is to give you 3 easy ways to save money when your printer cartridge runs out of ink.

Unfortunately, we can print a large document and find out there are mistakes we don’t want. You can prevent printing a document with formatting mistakes by using the print preview, which is an available option before you print a document.

Additionally, you can choose the page that has the most complex formatting and print it out to see how it looks. Any parts of your document that you want to print a preview for that are in color, you can simply print in black and white and use draft mode. The draft mode will have less quality but it’s no problem because you’re just testing. These two methods, if you use them in combination, can save you a lot of ink over time. You can save a considerable amount of money if you do some research on cartridge refilling. If you also protect and take good care of your printer’s ink cartridge, it will function longer and better. You’ll need to do a search to find stores that will refill them but that’s no problem. You can easily see that your savings will be great when a refill is only about $15.00. Another plus is that a majority of the ink cartridges are refillable up to six times. The problem is that not all printers use cartridges that can be refilled. The obvious conclusion is to buy a printer that has ink cartridges that can be refilled. It would benefit you to search for just such a printer.

If you are going to buy a ink cartridge refill kit and do it your self, then think about doing the same with your toner if your printer uses it. Toner cartridges cost more money, so you can actually save a lot of money by refilling them yourself. However if you don’t want to bother with the hassel of refilling cartridges, I’ve found a site that has the lowest price on most printers, bar none. Here are a few links half off toner cartridges:








When you have enough toner, but your prints look terrible, it might be time to replace the drum itself. Just replacing the drum will cost a lot less than an entire toner cartridge.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the price of printer cartridges is going to continue to escalate. You can minimize your investment costs for printer cartridges if you use your creativity and look for good ways to buy your cartridges at the best price. A company that sells printer cartridges doesn’t care how much you pay; therefore, it’s up to you to shop around for the best deals. Well, these are a few ways you can use to control what you spend on printer cartridges. There are other ways, as well, so keep doing your research.